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Welcome to Hyde Lea


The next meeting of the council will be held on Wednesday 13th May 2015 at Hyde Lea & Coppenhall Village Hall. The meeting will start at 19.30hrs. This will be the first meeting after the parish council election on 7th May.All residents of the parish are invited to discuss any issues with their council.
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Hyde Lea Parish is located west of Stafford Borough and has the M 6 motorway as its boundary with the borough. It is bounded on the north by Seighford Parish, the west by Haughton Parish and the south by Dunston & Coppenhall Parish.

Hyde Lea was formerly Castlechurch Parish, and came into existence in April 2003 following the electoral boundary change that removed a large percentage of the parish into the Borough of Stafford.

Hyde Lea from Coppenhall
Hyde Lea from Coppenhall

Apart from the village of Hyde Lea, the parish is mainly rural and consists of approximately 140 dwellings.

The parish has 5 councillors and holds 6 meetings per annum, usually in the village hall.

The council deals mainly with local planning issues, the maintenance of public footpaths and bridleways in the parish area, the distribution of grant aid to local charities and other problems relating to highways.

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